30 Professional English Phrases for Daily Use with Meanings

Below are 30 professional English phrases for daily use with meanings.

  1. "Please find attached" - used when sending an email with an attached document

  1. "As per our discussion" - used to refer back to a previous conversation

  1. "Could you please clarify?" - used to ask for further explanation

  1. "Thank you for your prompt response" - used to express appreciation for a quick reply

  1. "Kindly note" - used to draw attention to important information

  1. "I would like to follow up on" - used to request an update on a previous matter

  1. "I am writing to inquire about" - used to ask for information about something

  1. "Please let me know if you need any further assistance" - used to offer help

  1. "Please advise" - used to ask for advice or guidance

  1. "I appreciate your cooperation" - used to express gratitude for someone's assistance

  1. "Please be advised that" - used to provide a formal notice or warning

  1. "I apologize for any inconvenience caused" - used to express regret for a problem or inconvenience

  1. "Thank you for your attention to this matter" - used to express gratitude for someone's attention or help

  1. "In accordance with" - used to indicate compliance with rules or regulations

  1. "Please confirm" - used to request confirmation or verification

  1. "I look forward to hearing from you" - used to express anticipation for a response or follow-up

  1. "Attached please find" - used to introduce an attached document

  1. "I would like to schedule a meeting" - used to request a meeting

  1. "Per your request" - used to respond to a specific request

  1. "I will be out of the office" - used to inform others of your absence from work

  1. "Thank you for your understanding" - used to express appreciation for someone's understanding of a situation

  1. "Please let me know if this works for you" - used to suggest a possible solution or time and ask for confirmation

  1. "I regret to inform you that" - used to deliver bad news or a negative outcome

  1. "As you may be aware" - used to introduce information that the recipient may already know

  1. "I am available for a call" - used to offer availability for a phone conversation

  1. "I would like to propose" - used to suggest a solution or idea

  1. "Please find below" - used to introduce information presented below

  1. "Thank you in advance" - used to express gratitude before something is done

  1. "Please see attached" - used to introduce an attached document or file

  1. "I appreciate your time and effort" - used to express gratitude for someone's time and work